Moriarty, NM, United States

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Moriarty, NM

Distinguished as the largest community in Torrance County, Moriarty claims the advantage of having the junction of Interstate 40 and New Mexico Highway 41 at its doorstep. The city serves as a hub for farmers and ranchers working the Estancia Valley southeast to Albuquerque and the Galisteo area to the northeast. Offering a 40-minute commute into Albuquerque, the city offers a comfortable residential community where housing options range from cozy bungalows in the heart of town to large farms and ranches that sprawl over hundreds of acres. The city's location within the oval-shaped Estancia Basin places the rugged, forested slopes of the Manzano and Sandia mountains to the west and the rolling Pedernal Hills to the east for virtually unlimited four-season recreational activities.

Nearest Office
12042 State Highway 14 N
Cedar Crest, NM 87008
Office: 505-281-0000
Fax: 505-281-3315
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