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Coldwell Banker Legacy REALTORS - Cottonwood
Coldwell Banker Legacy REALTORS - Cottonwood
10300 Cottonwood Park NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114
Office: 505-898-2700
Fax: 505-792-7676

The Westside's Premier Real Estate Office

Welcome to Coldwell Banker Legacy's Cottonwood office. Although our agents buy and sell homes all over the city, our primary focus is on Westside properties. Need information? Give Pete Taylor, Qualifying Broker a call at (505) 792-7600 anytime or for faster assistance email Pete with any of your real estate needs.  We look forward to working with you!

Legacy Mortgage

Our very own in-house mortgage lender, Legacy Mortgage is on-site and ready to assist you. Whether your are purchasing a new home or need to refinance.  We have someone here that can assist all of your financing needs.  Give us a call (505) 898-2700

The Best in the West!

With over 90 sales associates we are the largest and best real estate office on Albuquerque's west side.  Our agents have a 96.4% customer satisfaction rating.  Our agents also have one of the Highest per agent production of any office on the West side. Call us today and we will make this the best Real Estate Transaction you will ever have.

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Nancy Stewart
Cell: 505-350-2418
Office: 505-898-2700
Direct: 505-792-7618
Main: 505-898-2700
Other: 505-212-7918
Larry Salas
Cell: 505-321-0550
Office: 505-898-2700
Fax: 505-212-7810
Main: 505-898-2700
Direct: 505-922-0622
Sandy Rasmussen
Cell: 505-480-1960
Office: 505-898-2700
Direct: 505-792-7604
Mark Warren
Cell: 505-280-6918
Office: 505-898-2700
Direct: 505-792-7653
Jeannie Travis
Cell: 505-450-9674
Office: 505-898-2700
Direct: 505-792-7634
Bill Alcorn
Cell: 505-401-5235
Office: 505-898-2700
Direct: 505-401-5235
Personal Fax: 505-212-7837
Catherine Hesch
Cell: 505-818-9882
Office: 505-898-2700
Direct: 505-338-4635
Sue Trevor
Cell: 505-225-8425
Office: 505-898-2700
Direct: 505-792-7681
Personal Fax: 505-212-7881
Pat Granger-Moore
Cell: 505-263-1591
Office: 505-898-2700
Direct: 505-263-1591
Yevonne Montoya
Cell: 505-261-4927
Office: 505-898-2700
Other: 505-261-4927
Carleen Shirk
Cell: 505-304-3488
Office: 505-898-2700
Direct: 505-792-7674
REALTOR Equal Housing Opportunity
Leith Mahlum
Cell: 505-918-7111
Office: 505-898-2700
Direct: 505-792-7695
Equal Housing Opportunity REALTOR Seniors Real Estate Specialist
Celina Quezada
Office: 505-898-2700
Direct: 505-220-4401
Other: 505-848-3171
Coldwell Banker Sterling Society REALTOR
Mark Wingert
Cell: 505-715-7641
Office: 505-898-2700
Direct: 505-792-7687
Certified Preview Specialist Coldwell Banker President's Circle REALTOR Coldwell Banker Multi-Million Dollar Coldwell Banker Sterling Society Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE)
Gloria Anderson
Cell: 505-205-6651
Office: 505-898-2700
Direct: 505-338-4657
REALTOR Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) Equal Housing Opportunity
Viola Chavez
Cell: 505-385-1033
Office: 505-898-2700
Direct: 505-792-7670
John Long
Cell: 505-263-1499
Office: 505-898-2700
Direct: 505-792-7691
Carol Bouloy
Cell: 505-450-2574
Office: 505-898-2700
Direct: 505-792-7602
Coldwell Banker Chairman's Circle Coldwell Banker Multi-Million Dollar Coldwell Banker President's Circle Equal Housing Opportunity NAR's GREEN Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource REALTOR
Mel Candelaria
Cell: 505-263-2867
Office: 505-898-2700
Direct: 505-338-4649
REALTOR Certified Residential Specialist
Gina MacRae
Cell: 505-379-3225
Office: 505-898-2700
Direct: 505-792-7627
Ginny & Keith Coulter
Cell: 505-269-0317
Office: 505-898-2700
Direct: 505-792-7600
Pam Jordan
Cell: 505-550-6628
Office: 505-898-2700
Direct: 505-792-7636
Flori Beauchesne
Cell: 505-934-4323
Office: 505-898-2700
Direct: 505-792-7680
Office: 505-898-2700
Other: 505-212-7880
E-PRO Seniors Real Estate Specialist Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE)
Wendy Crismore
Cell: 505-975-1996
Office: 505-898-2700
Direct: 505-792-7642
Main: 505-898-2700
Personal Fax: 505-212-7942
REALTOR Equal Housing Opportunity
Keith and Gina MacRae
Cell: 505-250-5779
Office: 505-898-2700
Direct: 505-792-7628
Other: 505-379-3225
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