Poll: What is your favorite thing about Fall in New Mexico?

You can smell it, feel it, and see it.  Fall is starting to arrive here in the Land of Enchantment.  It brings some of New Mexico's signature events, and traditions out for everyone to see. 

With the changing of season, we thought we would ask you what is your favorite thing about Fall in New Mexico?    We have provided a poll of some of our favorites.  If you feel like we left something out, feel free to leave us a comment and tell us your favorites.  If you would like to vote from your mobile device, click full version in the bottom right of the page.

Green Chile Roasting

If you can't already tell by the temperature changes, then certainly the smell of roasting green chiles will tip you off to the season.  One of  New Mexico's favorite foods permeates the air, and almost certainly your trunk or inside of your car for a few weeks after picking up a few bags of roasted green chiles.  On most busy street corners, and in front of many super markets, you can find local farmers sharing the smells of this years chile crop.  Many New Mexicans living across the country will also prepare to receive their dry iced deliveries of this tasty treat from home.

Balloon Fiesta

An event that has been hosted in Albuquerque since 1972, the Balloon Fiesta has welcomed pilots and spectators from around the world.  For 9 days in the fall, the city skies are filled with colorful balloons, and special shapes.  Albuquerque's weather and open space make this event and incredible sight to see.  There are plenty of activities both day and night for spectators, including the morning mass ascension, the special shapes rodeos, and the evening balloon glows.  For native New Mexican's, seeing the balloons is a right of passage into fall in New Mexico.

For more information visit: (http://www.balloonfiesta.com)

The Weather

The switch is usually flipped right at the end of August early September in New Mexico.  The days begin to get shorter, and the crisp air begins to flow through the state.  It is a distinct smell and feel that are highlighted by amazing sunsets set against the mountains of the state. 

Take a drive through the Sangre De Cristos, or the Valles Caldera to see some of the states most beautiful art work, the changing aspen leaves.  The distinct seasons in New Mexico are very unique in the Southwest, and we are lucky to experience all the greatness of Autumn.

Expo New Mexico State Fair (Albuquerque, NM)

From September 11th through closing day on September 23rd, thousands of New Mexicans will attend the 2012 Expo New Mexico State Fair.  There is fun for the entire family including midway rides, rodeos, exhibits, and concerts.  There really is nothing like walking around with one of those massive turkey legs. 

The State Fair is hosted at the fairgrounds in central Albuquerque, and admission is very reasonable. Admission is $10 Adults (12-61), $7 (Seniors (62 and up), $7 Kids (11 and under), FREE for Kids 5 and under!

For more information visit (http://exponm.com)

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