Indoor Water Rebates- Save Money Today!

It is currently raining in Albuquerque and we thought this would be the perfect time to discuss water conservation, and how the homeowners of New Mexico can do their part.  We recently went down to speak with Katherine Yuhas of the Albuquerque Bernalillo Country Water Utility Authority.  Katherine was kind enough to share with us all the great ways homeowners can save money and help conserve water. 

The Water Authority offers great rebate programs to reward homeonwers for their water conservation efforts.  We can all make a differnce and save money in the process. Watch the video to learn more about how much money you can save.



High Efficency (Water Sense) Toilet Rebate - $200

Change out from a high flow toilet to a High Efficiency Toilet.  These high efficiency toilets are marked with a blue and green Water Sense logo.  You can find them at all major home improvement stores. This upgrade makes you eligible for a $200 credit on your water bill. This is $200 for each individual toilet that you upgrade. 

Low Flow Toilet - High Efficiency Toilet Upgrade - $50

If you have already upgraded or currently have 1.6 gallon per flush toilets in your home, you might consider upgrading to high efficiency toilets and receive a $50 credit for each toilet upgrade.

Energy Star Washing Machine Rebate - $100

If you purchase a energy star washing machine you are eligible for a $100 water bill credit. See your local appliance dealer for details on all the different models of Energy Star washing machines in stock.

Energy Star Washing Machine Rebate Form

Hot Water Recirculation Rebate - $100

If you have a large distance from your hot water heater to your bathroom, the hot water recirculation unit can recycle the cold water back to the hot water heater.  This prevents you from wasting all that cold water at the start of your shower.

Hot Water Recirculation Rebate Form

Swamp Cooler Thermostat Rebate - $25

To find out more about how you can save water and money: Please visit or call (505) 768-3655

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